Top Quality Materials For Safe And Comfortable Training

13 Dec

We provide you only with high-quality equipment and protective gear to make your training routine genuinely safe and comfortable. To achieve this, we use top materials that are both strong and durable. Read on to find out what we utilize to make the best helmets, shields, and other products for our clients.

The helmet is an essential piece of equipment that helps you keep your head safe and avoid injuries of any kind — from mild to severe ones. That’s why it’s vital for athletes to have the best head protection, which is reliable as well as comfortable.

For our helmets, we use leatherette for the protective coating. This material has the same qualities as real leather. It’s well-ventilated, flexible, and can withstand multiple damages, like tearing or cracking. The inner lining of the helmet has a moisture-absorbing material which makes the equipment sweat-proof. Thus, your training is both comfortable and convenient.

The carcass of the helmet is made of ultra-light foam that protects you from any damaging impacts of blows. Moreover, the helmet has a mask made of high-stencil steel, which provides the person with reliable protection from blows to the head. To properly adjust the helmet behind your head, you can use a hook-and-loop fastener. Besides, you can lace it up for additional adjustments.

To make our equipment and protective gear, we use fabric that is strong, easy to care for, washable, durable, and comfortable. For the inner lining of our products, we use moisture-absorbing sweat-proof materials.

The inner part of the shield is made of foam materials, which are impact-resistant. In addition, the shield has a plastic sheet inside that helps you strike your opponent really hard or when you are attacked — to have more effective protection.

We use only top quality materials for your effective protection and maximum comfort so that you can focus only on your fighting and protection skills and techniques.

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