HMB coach on why young athletes need colorful equipment

27 Dec

Dmitriy Bublii, a professional HMB trainer, is going to tell us why young athletes need to wear colorful equipment. Bublii is a member of the Kniaz HMB club since 2014. He’s also been a winner of various HMB tournaments. 

Since 2015 Dmitriy’s trained more than 50 champions and runner-ups of various duel and group battle tournaments in Europe. In 2019 his team became a winner of the modern sword fighting championship.

So why do you think your athletes want to wear colorful equipment?

It’s quite important for my trainees to stand out, and the right training equipment can boost their morale. Each fighter wants to be unique not only in his or her fighting skills or achievements on the battlefield but also stay noticeable. Armor kits by Sparta help them achieve this. As their coach, I can see them quite clearly when they wear bright Sparta armor kits on the training ground.

When a young athlete comes to our training session for the first time, they do not want to use ordinary equipment, they all want to wear “that helmet” — the blue one, or the one with a tiger print, dragon image, or medieval scrollwork on it. 

As a coach, I see soft equipment as an integral part of the training process that helps involve young athletes in a training routine. That’s why I always try to give my trainees only the best equipment. I know that it’ll make their training sessions more exciting, and young athletes will become more dedicated and motivated. 

What do your trainees themselves say about the equipment?

As I mentioned before, they say that brightly-colored training kits help them stand out and lift their spirits, which eventually leads them to victory. They feel invincible on the training ground and that spectators’  eyes are on them because their equipment is so unique.