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HMB Soft, Buhurt Protection – Training in Soft Kit Advantages
It is well-known that Soft Kit is a must for training Armored Combat Techniques. But what are the benefits of having soft kit equipment besides knight armor?
My Buhurt Transformation – A Story from the HMB Warrior
Every story of starting practicing HMB is unique and exciting, here's how our buhurt team buddy Andrew got into the sport.
HMB Soft Beginner Kit Essentials List
Want to start training HMB but not sure what soft gear is a must have and what can be bought later? Soft Warrior will guide you through this challenging journey.

Light Competition Kit

Light Competition Kit
We have designed this Light Competition Kit to ensure you have the highest level of comfort, mobility, and protection on the battlefield and can defeat even the most skillful opponents. Thanks to its optimal design, this kit is perfectly suitable for both seasoned fighters and novices. Training sessions, team combats, or championships—with this kit, success will follow you everywhere!  Our epic Light Competition Kit consists of:
  • Helmet with neck protection to cover the most vulnerable body parts in combat and provide you with a great level of visibility.  
  • Shield to strengthen your rebellious spirit.
Soft Warrior Sparta Store – How It All Started
Read on to know more about Soft Warrior's foundation story, core principles and the recognition from the buhurt teams all over the world.
Wakinyan QC Club Custom Buhurt Soft Kit by Soft Warrior
Check out Wakinyan QC Club HMB Soft Custom kit - an authentic design to strengthen team spirit and win more future combats.
Lightweight Vest With Shoulder Protection Pattern Design
This model is a lightweight version of the full-body protective equipment and consists of the main part that covers the front of the body, and a protective element to cover the spine.The vest is equipped with a fastener system allowing it to fit almost any size and tightly fix the vest on the body. The vest is made from sturdy wear-resistant material with natural fabric lining and Inside is an internal multilayer filler. Due to specific design features, the vest offers excellent mobility and doesn’t fetter your movements. The default colors are blue, red, and black.

Dragon skin helmet

Dragon skin helmet
Helmet with a grid is designed for fencing and buhurt fighting. It will protect your head and skull base from injuries due to a steel grid, as well as a thick protective layer. The helmet tail covers the base of the neck. Soft inserts inside are made of special material that absorbs sweat. The helmet is adjustable to different sizes thanks to the sliding Velcro fasteners as well as straps on the neck.

Special Neck Protection

Special Neck Protection
In combat, your neck is vulnerable to stabbing and cutting attacks. This neck protection will meet your requirements if you are a fan of saber fighting or HMB and LARP! It covers your neck and collarbones and you can adjust it to almost any helmet.  If you need something special, our craftsmen are always ready to produce this protection in different colors, equip it with a team logo, or customize the elements of protection according to your preferences. Both soft and plastic linings of this protection are available for purchase.

Knight Visor Helmet

Knight Visor Helmet
We created this helmet to provide you with the imitation of an extra strain during your training sessions. Many HMB fighters use training masks to imitate the reduced oxygen intake and keep their lungs healthy. With our helmet, you won’t need a training mask anymore as using the knight visor helmet you can wear soft equipment and improve your lung capacity by making your lungs and heart work harder. What’s more, this helmet provides you with an excellent level of visibility.  The helmet is a perfect match for sparring sessions and the most challenging battles.