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HMB champion on the best training routine and soft equipment
Ilias Vyshutin is a former professional athlete and numerous historical medieval battle champion. He has been in HMB since 2012. Vyshutin is a winner and runner-up of the Battle of the Nations, a current member of the Ukrainian national team, and he’s currently a coach of the Kniaz HMB club.  Ilias has shared his opinion on training routine and soft equipment.  What’s the perfect training routine to prepare oneself for a battle?
HMB coach on why young athletes need colorful equipment
Dmitriy Bublii, a professional HMB trainer, is going to tell us why young athletes need to wear colorful equipment. Bublii is a member of the Kniaz HMB club since 2014. He’s also been a winner of various HMB tournaments.  Since 2015 Dmitriy’s trained more than 50 champions and runner-ups of various duel and group battle tournaments in Europe. In 2019 his team became a winner of the modern sword fighting championship.