By Athletes For Athletes Or How We Make Equipment And Protection

11 Dec

We always put clients at the core of our business because we know what equipment and protection they really need and want. Sparta employees are exactly those people who have always had an all-consuming passion for battle sports and have had the first-hand experience in fighting. That’s why we are aware of how to make the best protective gear and equipment to suit even the most demanding requirements of sportspeople.

The process of equipment and protection making was created by athletes to satisfy the unique needs of other athletes. Initially, all the work was done by Sparta founders, but as the demand for high-quality products grew, so the number of the company’s employees grew with it.

Currently, Sparta applies a 50/50 approach, which is a combination of both machine and manual work. We utilize a wide variety of technical equipment like sewing machines and other tools for various purposes.

All the manual work is done by our dedicated professionals like tailors and assemblers who are very good at making and assembling protective gear and equipment, and who are always thinking of the best ways of upgrading Sparta products.

The very process of making high-quality products is quite easy and streamlined. This is what we do when you order a product at our website:

– Choose a starting design of the required product (it can be a brand-new design or an existing one)
– Create the sewing pattern design
– Put the sewing pattern design on the fabric
– Cut the design out
– Check the quality of the pattern
– Handoff to tailors
– Assemble the equipment or protection
– Thoroughly check the quality of the product
– Ship the product to our client

We always firmly and carefully supervise all the stages of the product making process and ensure the hight-quality of protection and training equipment.