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“The 17th Century” kit

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This kit was inspired by the armor of medieval blacksmiths who could turn metal into real masterpieces. Based on the Armor of Henry II of France, we were able to create the kit that would appeal to true admirers of metal art.

The full kit consists of:

  • Helmet with neck protection
  • Full arm protection
  • Lightweight vest with shoulder protection
  • Fist protection
  • Sword 90 cm Length – 90 cm / 2′ 11″
  • Full legs protection
  • Round shield diameter – 50 cm / 19,7 in

To get started with historical reenactment fighting, you need to be sure that you’ll be safe and fully equipped, so we prepared a special protection kit of armor! This protection kit consists of all the “must-have” equipment for the training: a shield, a sword, proper fist protection and a helmet. Apart from default blue, red and black colors, you can choose colors and designs by yourself to stand out of the crowd and create something unique.

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