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E-gift Certificates

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Meet our new offer!


Struggle to choose the right present for your loved ones or don’t know the exact measurements? To assist you with gift-choosing, we’ve created a pull of certificates for any taste and budget.


Let your family and friends experience the atmosphere of backyard knight games or become a true warrior with top-notch Sparta equipment in a buhurt training session.


Every certificate is unique and created based on your preferences and budget. We send it to you via email ― you can use an electronic version or print it out and present it as a gift.


We have two design and pricing options. You buy a certificate, which can be used as an alternative to cash or as a discount if the price of the product exceeds the nominal value.


You can choose one of the following amounts:

  • 50 $ 
  • 100 $
  • 250 $
  • 500 $
  • 1000 $
  • 1500 $
  • 2000 $


The certificate can be used to pay for any product in Spart store or as a discount if the product’s price exceeds the e-gift card amount. 


All certificates are valid for 6 months from the day of your purchase and can be used only once. 


If you didn’t find the right e-gift certificate and need a custom one, feel free to contact us via sales@sparta.training

You should enter the receiver information in “Order Notes” (full name and contact phone number/email).

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    Shipping Information

    Worldwide shipping ranges from 20 days or more. Shipping expenses are not included in the product cost; they are calculated by our manager and must be paid by the customer. 

    Returns Information

    You may return any product purchased on Sparta.training provided the product is unused and has no damage. You can return it within 14 days for a refund or exchange.

    Product Description

    How can I purchase my e-gift certificate? 


    1. Choose the color and certificate amount or item below.
    2. Go to the checkout page and fill in your contact details. You should also enter the receiver information in “Order Notes” (full name and contact phone number/email).
    3. Once you filled in the form, you’ll get an email with your e-gift certificate. The certificate contains the following info: product discount, the name of a receiver, and a unique code.
    4. The receiver uses a coupon code, which can be found in a certificate, to activate their discount and place an order in SPARTA shop.

    White, Blue

    Certificate Amount

    50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000