Soft Warrior has been helping 15+ sports clubs grow and develop since 2016. With Soft Warrior, all avid fans of weapon-based martial arts can follow the path of victory without any obstacles. Our company ensures the world’s most renowned and successful sports clubs have top-quality equipment and protection for HMB Soft tournaments. Meet our partners who share our vision of swordsmanship, triumphant battles, and best-in-class materials.

Armored Combat, UK

Combat, a renowned fight club, is located in Gloucester and is concentrated on full-contact armored combat. The club members perform both 1-on-1 duels and group fights. They believe there are several keys to success: a secure training venue, superior equipment, and seasoned coaches.

Iron Wolves, Denmark

World-famous members of the HMB community from Denmark, the Iron Wolves club consists of professional athletes passionate about their customs and full-contact armored

The Edmonton Crimson Blades, Canada

This team of ferocious warriors from Canada is getting ready to participate in the International Medieval Combat Federation World Championship (IMCF). The Edmonton Crimson Blades welcomes not only experienced fighters, so beginners can join the fun as well!

The Knights Hall, USA

The Knights Hall from the US is a martial arts center where modern knights can immerse into the Middle Ages and Renaissance atmosphere and become warriors of the past. The team members use steel armor and weapons to make their reenactments more authentic and genuine.

Tavastia Armigeri Ry, Finland

This Finnish buhurt club was founded in 2017 with only six fighters, but today Tavastia Armigeri is one of the country’s largest clubs. Tavastia Armigeri welcomes warriors longing to take part in championships and fighters who just want to have a good time. Young knights from 9 to 17 years old can join HMB Soft training sessions as well.

Grimaldi Milites, Monaco

Inspired by Charles Grimaldi, the 14th century Lord of Monaco, this medieval fight club was founded in 2017 and has gained a reputation of fearless and dedicated warriors. Today, the club has the 22nd sports section of the Association Sportive de Monaco and is going to set up an HMB soft school for the youngest knights.

Tyr's Warriors Inc., Australia

Members of this family-orientated fight club from Australia constantly learn from each other and welcomes every warrior regardless of their experience and physical training. Tyr's Warriors Inc. ensures the fighters have a positive environment and top-notch equipment to stay fit and promote HMB sport worldwide.

Taurus Medieval Fight Club — Italy

Taurus is one of the most active participants in all the main Italian HMB tournaments. A group of seasoned athletes, inspired by this scenic medieval sport, founded the club in 2015. With two fully-equipped gyms in Turin and Milan, the club members perform their training sessions using both steel armor and soft equipment.

North Horde, USA

Fighting under the North Horde banner, this independent club mingles various styles and techniques to ensure they have passionate warriors driven by the spirit of battle. The club members don’t relate themselves to any league of the steel fighting community and perform independently.

MFC — Training hall, Israel

Founded in 2015 by the heads of History Restoration Clubs, this fight club from Israel strives to promote and strengthen awareness about historical medieval battles worldwide. The club welcomes both experienced warriors and young recruits to use modern techniques and top-quality equipment to feel the special medieval atmosphere.

Manawatu Armoured Combat, New Zealand

Manawatu Armoured Combat is an ambitious fight club from New Zealand that performs in a wide range of disciplines, including 1-on-1 duels, buhurt, and pro fights. The club participates in tournaments all across the country and worldwide.

Brisbane Beasts HMB, Australia

Headed by Samuel Wride and Colin Campbell, this young combat club was founded in 2021 in Australia. With new members joining every week, this fast-growing club is longing to perform at the international level. Brisbane Beasts want more warriors to experience this fantastic sport, so the first training session is free of charge.

Company of the White Wolf, Canada

Established to promote medieval full-contact fighting worldwide, the Company of the White Wolf from Canada strives for the historical accuracy of the period between the 14th and the 15th centuries in western Europe. The club operates with IMCF and HMB rulesets.

Team Erranti, Italy

Team Erranti’s athletes are focused mostly on buhurt, full-contact armored combat with the use of steel weapons, to reach the highest level of historical accuracy. During their training sessions, the club members use both steel armor and soft equipment.

Metz Béhourd — Graoully, France

Founded in 2018 nearby Villency-sur-Mad, this ambitious fight club performs its training sessions in beautiful rural areas and in such atmospheric places as the Castle of Void in Void-Vacon. These authentic training sessions and top-quality equipment ensure the team performs successfully in France and worldwide.

Armored Academy of Arizona, USA

These tough warriors from Arizona combine martial arts with teamwork, making HMB a fun and exceptional experience. Besides full-contact armored combat, fighters of the Armored Academy perform fist fighting and wrestling. Both men’s and women’s teams are available so that everyone can join the fun.

Isca — Armoured Fight Club, UK

Participating in numerous HMB events across the UK and Europe, Isca’s warriors perform both 1-on-1 duels and group fights. They also stage their own tournaments to promote awareness about HMB worldwide. Isca is always ready to welcome new recruits and make them part of the supportive and friendly team.