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The Federschwert (or Fechtfeder) is a specialized training sword for fencing practice. This unique type of longsword is characterized by its slender, flexible blade, which was traditionally unsharpened and finished with a rounded tip. This design allowed for safe practice and sparring without armour, significantly reducing the risk of serious injury, even in the medieval era. Today’s federschwerts are somewhat different from their historical counterparts. They are typically heavier and more rigid, and most modern versions feature a loop at the blade's tip to improve safety during thrusting exercises.


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Material: 65G high carbon spring steel, hardened to 51-53 HRC































Total length:134 cm /4'39"






















Length of a blade:100 см /3'28"
















Length of handle with pommel: 34 cm /4'36"







Lenght of a crossguard: 27 cm /1'11"










Weight:1520 grams /3,35 Ibs

Happy customers

Chuck, HMB Fighter

I use soft warriors chest piece for all of my soft kit sparring. Many other fighters in the area also fight in soft warrior gear. Quality training gear with cool patterns.

Risto, Finnish Buhurt Fighter

Happy customers

Andrea, Team Erranti

Beautiful and functional equipment, we are very satisfied, with the improvements made in latest versions the equipment is even more performing. We are Team Erranti from Italy Asti.

Kivuttaret, Finnish Buhurt Women

Happy customers

Jaye, The Knights Hall Club

We at The Knights Hall use your gear every day.

Tavastia Armigeri, Junior Buhurt Club

Happy customers

Santos, HMB Warrior

Huge shout out to Soft Warrior for my custom Warpigs Soft kit and my tiger soft kit and the new additions to our training armory. These weapons and soft kits and weapons are high quality, super durable, and are a great addition to any teams training. 100% would recommend to anyone this is the third time ordering from them and I will be back for more Thank you very much.

HMB Junior Fighter

Happy customers

James, LARP

Great soft armor, I’m using it as a base for plate armor for my larp. The legs hold form well on me and are comfortable, while providing significant shock dampening for groundwork. A+ customer service too!

Jamie, HMB Fighter

Happy customers

Roman, LARP

We have always used rigid material for fighting and this time we could go harder for the full 2 minute rounds. It was a lot of fun and we look forward to adding more equipment in the future. Thank you. I love the equipment. The big guy on the left wants a two-handed axe of his own.

Iron Wolves, Denmark