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Training Items

Soft Warrior Sparta Store – How It All Started
It all started with HMB… back in the day, we were actively participating in HMB events (we do it now as well) and even found a permanent gym where we can train! \ \ One day we decided to give soft armor a try, as steel armor is not the best option for training, we bought some top soft gear. To our surprise, it was too expensive, lacked quality, and didn’t fit nicely, to say the least. \ \ So, we determined to design our own gear exclusively for buhurt training for us and fellow team members. We created one model, tried it in action, accepted our team’s criticism, created another model, refined it with the practicing fighters’ requirements, and started the cycle from the beginning.
Wakinyan QC Club Custom Buhurt Soft Kit by Soft Warrior
Custom orders are our favorites! Check out this Wakinyan QC Club HMB Soft Custom kit – an authentic design to strengthen team spirit and win more future combats. Wakinyan QC is a historical medieval battle Club based in Quebec, Canada. These guys are practicing full-contact armored combat, and for training sessions, they prefer to use soft kits. With a mindset focused on safety training, high-quality equipment, and excellent mobility, they have chosen Soft Warrior to help them get a best-in-class soft kit with authentic design to inspire the Wakinyan QC team to master fighting techniques and get new awards.
HMB champion on the best training routine and soft equipment
Ilias Vyshutin is a former professional athlete and numerous historical medieval battle champion. He has been in HMB since 2012. Vyshutin is a winner and runner-up of the Battle of the Nations, a current member of the Ukrainian national team, and he’s currently a coach of the Kniaz HMB club.  Ilias has shared his opinion on training routine and soft equipment.  What’s the perfect training routine to prepare oneself for a battle?
HMB coach on why young athletes need colorful equipment
Dmitriy Bublii, a professional HMB trainer, is going to tell us why young athletes need to wear colorful equipment. Bublii is a member of the Kniaz HMB club since 2014. He’s also been a winner of various HMB tournaments.  Since 2015 Dmitriy’s trained more than 50 champions and runner-ups of various duel and group battle tournaments in Europe. In 2019 his team became a winner of the modern sword fighting championship.